Muscle Pain

27 Apr
beautiful young woman has a pain in the neck

Muscles form an integral aspect of our anatomy. They are responsible for the movement of voluntary organs like the limbs and eyes as well as involuntary systems such as circulatory, respiratory and digestive. Needless to say, when such an important component experiences discomfort, it usually affects a wide range of functions. Muscle pain, or Myalgia, is a very common clinical condition that can be treated easily. As a medical professional, however, I think to truly understand any medical condition we must begin with the basics .Any muscle is made up of bundles of thin fibers called muscle fibers which are in turn composed of contractile proteins called Actin and Myosin.

The muscles fibers are like small elastic strings that contract and expand when they receive neural impulses to carry out a certain function. On it’s own a single fiber is not really strong enough to cause any movement but put them in a bundle and we have a very powerful muscle capable of lifting several times it’s own weight! Pain is caused when the muscle fibers undergo severe trauma or strain. This can either be due to overexertion, fatigue, or injury to the muscle. Most commonly myalgia is observed in a class of muscles called the skeletal muscles. these are the muscles attached to the bones and cause movement of joints. These include all the muscles of your arms, legs, neck, hip, abdomen and chest.

Although there can be several causes of muscle pain with a wide array of symptoms, we shall discuss the most common ones here.

1. Muscular Strain: Imagine what would happen if you stretch an elastic band too far. It would snap. That’s essentially what happens when a muscle is made to do too much work or pull too much weight. You will see this often in people who do heavy workout or athletes. A ‘pulled muscle’ is what they will complain of that is characterized as extreme pain while lifting heavy weights of running very fast.

2. Fatigue: Muscle fatigue results when the muscles are worked continuously without rest. This does not necessarily mean that the muscle has to perform difficult or heavy work but that simply it as not been allowed to rest to recover it’s strength. Medically, the cause of pain is the metabolic process taking place in the muscle cells to form a byproduct called lactic acid. Accumulation of this acid causes pain.

3. Injury: Literally any injury that could tear or otherwise damage the muscle. TREATMENT: Home remedies include treatment by placing ice packs, massaging the muscle and most importantly, REST. This will usually relieve most types of myalgia resulting from fatigue or exertion. In more extreme cases, however, such as those resulting from injury, infection or persistent pain lasting more than a few days, proper medical attention must be sought.

Health Tips

27 Apr
Healthy Lifestyle

In a today’s world many people are now realize that they have live healthy and happy life. People are set their goals and achieve them but their daily routine and other many factors affects their goals and they suffer from health issues.So considering that,people are have do something to get healthy life.The simple things makes life easier and healthiest. These are some tips to do that If people are followed that, they achieve their goals easily.

1. Now a days people are live their life on a internet and mobile. People are prefer mobile socialization not physical. So if people are contact person physically then it will be more convenient than mobile. This will boost your immune system and make person happier.

2. Do that things which you like. Like Travelling, reading, Singing and much more this will improve your brain and also improve your own skills. Many people are just waste their time on a internet this will cause your inner health and also many things.

3. Daily Exercise is improve and refresh your mind as well as body. Many people are avoid this because of complaining that they have no time to do that but if you want a fitness you have to exercise daily without fail.

4. Take a good Sleep. Many people have not complete their sleep and it result into cause your health. Complete your sleep right time.

5. Take a Natural Food. People are eat junk food and many bad things.This will bad habits which is remove if you have eat less as much as possible.

6. Spend your time with family and friends. Be more Social with your family which is really needed for any person to live happy.

7. Planned Your work. This is small thing which is very efficient if you done your work with perfect planning you feel relax and make your day perfect day.

8. Relax before any work you do. Be more patience and this will boost your brain and you feel inner happier.

9. Walking and Walking. Yes Walking is a thing which will really helpful for fitness. The complete day your work in office or your home make body unhealthy and painful .So move or walked everyday for a change.

10. The last and final thing is Meditation. Today’s world accept that the meditation is a thing which is solve all your problems and make man healthy and happy from inner side. which is very useful and work for everyone.

If you do these little things you feel something from inside which is positive and good for you This things let you live happy and healthy life.