Here are a Few Awesome Exercises

Here are a few awesome exercises you might not know that can give you a great workout:

Super Slow Close Grip Chin Ups

Most people do chin-ups with their hands at shoulder width, but bringing them together isolates the muscles a lot more and gives them a workout from a different angle. Do them as slowly as you can, and you’ll feel your arms and shoulders complaining before you hit 10.

Ring Flies

To work your chest muscles like no other exercise can, ring flies are the move for you. You’ll need rings, but many gyms have them handy. Assume plank position holding the rings at arm’s length, and dip into a push-up by moving your hands out to the side. It’s an incredibly tough exercise, but it will rip up your chest very effectively.

Pistol Squats

This is a tough one-legged squat that shreds everything from the core down. It seems simple–squat on one leg, extending the other leg straight out in front of you–but it’s incredibly tough. Try to keep that leg and your back straight!